Small Accordion, Big Guitar.

We are a duo of STROLLING musicians, who play an Accordion, Melodica and a Grand Bouche Gypsy Guitar.  What is STROLLING? Well, here is the definition:  "Strolling is walking along or through at a leisurely pace. Strolling is a pastime and activity enjoyed worldwide as a leisure activity. The object of strolling is to walk at a slightly slower pace in an attempt to absorb the surroundings."  

We play Swing Music, Boogie Woogie, and Jazz Standards, Manouche-style swing, soft and romantic dinner and dancing music.


MATINEE RELICS is Regina Baker and Kevin Sullivan.  We are actually two separate people who share one affection for music from the past.  We bring to our performances a passion for authentic musicianship. Together, we have 35 years of entertainment experience.  We have a genuine love for the organic sounds of old jazz music, standards, beautifully-written-but-decades-forgotten songs, and Manouche-style swing.  We also compose and play our original music.  We get great enjoyment from playing music that is vibrating strings and reeds played by human beings, and piano keyboard, not a computer keyboard.  All of our music is played by us, we put a lot of practice, love, and humor into what we play. Most of all, we want our music to convey to you the fun that we have performing it.  Let us play for you, and thank you for stopping by!